We provide all kinds of custom built e-commerce solutions from inventory handling, order taking, shipping, tax calculation, sending newsletters, generating gift certificates to integrating real time online payment gateways, online shipping calculators with fedEx, Canada post, UPS, USPS etc.
Our customized solutions help you maximize your reach and potential with your online identity. Our entire team is committed to deliver results on time and budget and dedicated to the same cause. We offer a creative, powerful and highly effective e-commerce system which is fully automated and designed to fit into your specific needs. The feature rich platforms that we work on provide the scalability and flexibility for business growth and have been used by successful retailers.

Key Elements:

  • Fully customized look and feel
  • Secure account login
  • Inventory control
  • Shopping  cart & Customer support
  • Shipping & Tax Calculation
  • Real time payment gateway
  • Sales Management
  • Admin panel/Account login
  • SSL Certificate integration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Hosting & Maintenance
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